Shear Comfort Sheepsking 100% Merino

Will assist in pressure reduction and absorb mositure.

Transfers heat away from the body and reduce the shear and friction.

Shear Comfort® is a range of advanced medical grade lamb’s wool products for skin care and foot care. They provide exceptional comfort, aid restful sleep and provide protection from pressure ulcers. This is as they utilize the natural properties of wool; distributing pressure, dissipating heat and water vapour, reducing friction and shear forces, whilst building on these to make them easy to wash and maintain, making it the perfect skin interface.

Shear Comfort® products incorporate Australian Medical Sheepskins, and Shear Comfort® XD1900, an innovative and advanced woven wool product that boasts an extra density of 1900gsm along with 30mm of pile. These are the only woven wool products able to achieve this level of density (typical woven wool products range from 300-500gsm), giving you the confidence that you are getting the best comfort and protection around.

Made in Adelaide