Slipper Boot


PAB11Y Short - Large

PAB11X Short - Medium

PAB11W Short - Small

The Short Slipper Bootâ„¢ is designed to provide full foot protection, and is ideal for use both indoors and in bed.

The hook and loop strapping and tongue flap down the length of the upper part of the boot ensures it is easy to put on and adjust throughout the day or night, providing adaptive protection and comfort. The Short Slipper Bootâ„¢ has a heightened ability to mould to the foot, and can be comfortably worn in bed. The boot design ensures that the bony prominences of the ankle are fully protected as well as the foot plantar surfaces and heel, ensuring comfort and protection when worn in bed, or with your feet up. Sold in pairs

Tall Slipper Boot also available

Made in Adelaide.