Excellent Ramp Systems


Excellent Ramps

Modularly constructed height adjustable ramps and floors that can fit most openings and doorsteps.  Each module consists of solid one piece polythylene with a grid of square holes.  These are available with or without sloped edges.  The modules are interconnected with special plastic fastenings and ar assembled in layers until the required height/gradient is achieved.

They can fit most openings and doorsteps regardless of shape and height differential.
The gradient can be adjusted precisely to requirements and resting platforms can be incorporated as well.
The ramps can be fitted with both inward and outward corner modules. This makes it possible to negotiate the ramp from all sides.
The holes facilitate drainage and are used for the insertion of fastenings.
No damage is done to existing door trim. Doors still close and both the door frame and threshold step remain intact.
The system can be used anywhere where a ramped surface is required such as over steps, sliding doors, and shower hobs.
Can be taken apart and reassembled as many times as desired.
Self draining, slip resistant surface
Can be used in any type of weather
Withstands temperatures from 140 deg C to +100 deg C
Also acts as a doormat
Colourfast and UV resistant
Individual pieces can be purchased

Tolerates all household cleaning solutions
Colours - grey

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Excellent Ramp Kits
Designed to overcome small thresholds, the Excellent ramp kits 1-4 take approximately 10 minutes to install. Each kit is packaged partly pre-assembled and comes with all the necessary components.