Active Townsend Bed Pole


BAB08TL Low Profile 525x175 2.1kg

BAB08TS Standard Height 715x175 2.4kg

Support Bed pole
Clamped firmly to bed base railing
Acts as a support to roll over, to sit from lying position and to assist with getting in and out of bed.

For use for Hospital Style Beds

Manufactured in Adelaide, Powdercoated mild steel. Clean using mild detergent and water and dry with soft cloth.

Max User Weight 136kg


Bed poles, sticks and rails may not be suitable for all clients. Must be prescribed by a suitably trained health professional and installed by an appropriately trained person.
When fitting on hospital beds, a clamp on style bed pole can only be used and must be clamped firmly into position.  Ensure no gap is between the mattress and bed pole.
Must be positioned vertical on the side the client is transferring from, towards the centre or head of bed so as to not impede transfer.

Refer to Active Mobility Bed Pole Fact Sheet for further information.